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32 Inch Touch Screen Film Overlay , Transparent Capacitive Touch Screen Film

32 Inch Touch Screen Film Overlay , Transparent Capacitive Touch Screen Film

  • 32 Inch Touch Screen Film Overlay , Transparent Capacitive Touch Screen Film
  • 32 Inch Touch Screen Film Overlay , Transparent Capacitive Touch Screen Film
  • 32 Inch Touch Screen Film Overlay , Transparent Capacitive Touch Screen Film
32 Inch Touch Screen Film Overlay , Transparent Capacitive Touch Screen Film
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: ZXTLCD
Certification: CE/Rohs/FCC/ERP Energy Label
Model Number: ZXT-T700-10A
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece
Price: Negotiate
Packaging Details: wooden case, carton, flight case are option
Delivery Time: 1-3 workdays
Payment Terms: T/T,Western Union, Alibaba trade assurance
Supply Ability: 5,000 pcs per month
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Detailed Product Description
Type: Capactive Touch Foil Film Size: 32'' To 200''
Touch Points: 10 Points Technical Rationale: Improved Projected Capacitive
Film Thickness: ≤100um Light Transmission: Above 95%
High Light:

32 Inch Touch Screen Film Overlay


200'' Touch Screen Film Overlay


Transparent Capacitive Touch Screen Film

32" 40" 42" 43" 46" 47" 50" 55" 60" 65" 70" 80'' 84'' Multi Touch Screen Film,Capacitive Touch Film 10 Touches


The Interactive Touch Foil

foil that manufactured by ZXT. Quickly enabling a touch screen in your ordinary glass world. 's large format flexible touch panel, cover from 30 to has 3 key parts. 1st is film sensor, 2nd is electronics controller, we call it eBoard, 3rd is driver. Film sensor is a green technology product, has high transparency, light and thin. the embedded nano wire grid is a sensor network, that can precisely positioning hands touch action. It use sensing technology, easily change an to bullet­proof touch screen. eBoard use SoC architecture, so the PCB is small and strong noise filtering algorithm, It can detect weak signal that caused by hands.

Driver support Windows XP/7/8, include 32 bit and 64 bit. sion, Mac OS X, Android 4.0 up version. has two version, one is cling film version, It designed for interactive window and could be peeled off for reusing. Another is permanent version, once you peel off the cover layer and laminate onto the glass. the sensor will be permanently fixed. fi and bullet­proof are the application can fulfill with this requirement. It Will bring added and fun to use

32 Inch Touch Screen Film Overlay , Transparent Capacitive Touch Screen Film 0

What is the ZXT interactive foil?
Interactive foil is a clear lightweight touch foil that can be applied under or behind any non-metallic substrate to create a through material (glass) touch system.

How does it work?
The interactive foil uses projective capacitance. When a users finger or gloved hand comes close to the surface it causes a disturbance in the electrical field which is then detected as a touch event, the position of the touch is then precisely calculated.

What thickness of material can the touch foil work through?
The touch foil can work through non-metallic materials up to 16mm thick. We do recommend testing materials thicker than 10mm.

Will it work through double-glazing?
The touch screen can work through double-glazing. To achieve this the controller board has to be modified in the factory. This modification slows the refresh rate of the touch screen. Due to this only touch functions are available in this mode rather than drag and touch. We recommend site testing in all cases to check functionality since double glazing specification vary widely.

What are the typical uses of the interactive foil?
Through window system using rear projection or LCD as the display technology.
Integrated with LCD displays for creating kiosks or stand-alone touch screens.
Under table tops for using LCD or projectors from above for the display technology.

What sizes are available?
The foil comes in standard 4:3 format from 30" to 80" and 16:9 format from 32" to 100" Special custom sizes are also available.

What is the largest foil size I can buy.
The width is 120 cm and length is 220 cm.
Please call ZXT to discuss requirements.

How is it fixed?
The touch screen can be fixed using either a permanent or non-permanent adhesive system. The system used is dependant on the application.

The non-permanent system is designed to be for used on glass only, it is an ideal system for retail applications where you may wish to remove and recover the touch foil for future promotions.

Our permanent system uses an optically clear system ideal for applying to glass and other non-metallic substrates. Best used where a permanent fixing is required and when the touch screen is being used in a range of more rugged environments.

Both systems use a wet lamination process. Laminating instructions are available

Will the touch foil work through Glass?
This type of glass uses a metal in the manufacturing of the glass so the touch foil will not work through this material. Other metal tints also stop the foils working.

What are the key benefits of the ZXT interactive foil?

  • No mechanical wear as you are not touching the touch screen unit only the substrate it is working through.
  • Lightweight foil easy to apply to a range of materials glass acrylic wood etc.
  • Easy to ship rolls up in a tube
  • Can be made quickly in custom sizes
  • Simple setup calibration, sensitivity etc
  • Works with LCD and rear and front projection
  • Works with gloved hands
  • Vandal proof and weather proof applications

Will it work with LCD displays?
The touch foil can be used with LCD displays.
As a through window touch unit the touch foil is first applied to the window and then the LCD unit is fixed behind the touch foil.

The touch foil can also be integrated inside LCD units. The foil will need to be applied to a substrate, there is a requirement for an 6-8mm air gap between the LCD panel and the back of the touch foil the air gap is dependant upon the noise generated by the LCD panel. It is also necessary to ground the controller unit to the case of the LCD unit.

Will it work with Plasma displays?
No these displays generate too much electrical noise

Does the foil have a front and a back?
The foil does not have a front or back, However when the unit is supplied with a integrated double release fixing system the foil is applied on one side only.

Must the controller board be at the bottom?
No the unit can be applied with the controller at the top or bottom the foil can also be supplied with the controller on the side.

Can I use cling film with Acrylic?
For a short period (testing the unit) over a longer period the cling film will migrate into the acrylic making a permanent bond with the acrylic.

How long is the serial cable?
Standard cable supplied is 6M, we also have a 15M cable as an optional extra

Can I have longer cables?
It may be possible to use up to 25M however you may experience additional noise, which can make the system unusable. In these situations we would recommend the use of a suitable RS 232 booster or a RS 232 to Cat5 converter system.

How do I connect to a USB computer port?
You can use a USB to serial converter device these are available as an optional extra

What is the power required for the touch screen?
The touch screen is powered from the RS232 port and requires between 5-12v

Can I have 2 foils next to each other?
Yes and no!
It is not possible to have two touch foils on the same piece of glass
There is a requirement to have an air gap between two foils
It is also possible that the touch foils will need to be insulated from each other

Can I use foils with other substrates, for example wood for interactive tables?
Yes the touch foil can work through any non-metallic material, we recommend testing of the substrate to check the functionality.

My calibration points are outside the display area, can I adjust this?
Yes we can provide instructions on how to do this

The touch foil is not responding, how do I check what the problem is.
Please refer either the quick start guide or full user manual for fault-finding instructions.

How do I use the cling film?
Laminating instructions are supplied with the touch foil, they can also be found on the CD supplied with the touch foil.

How many times can I remove the foil and re fix it using the cling film.
It is possible to re-use the cling film if it is kept in good condition between installations. However we would recommend a new piece be used for best quality installation.

Technical troubleshooting FAQ

I have a foil installed in front of and LCD and the cursor keeps jumping to the top of the screen randomly

This is caused by interference with the outermost wire in the foil.

To remedy the problem try:-

  • reducing the coarse sensitivity slightly
  • add a 100 ohm resistor in line on pin 2 (blue) inside the serial connector.
  • connect the ground connector on the end of the PCB (labelled on the PCB) to the case of the LCD (the black cover should just slide off the pcb.

Interactive touch foil technical specification

ITEM Interactive touch foil
Detection Method Improved Projected Capacitance Touch technology using a horizontal and vertical XY array of sensing wires
Size 30" - 72" (4:3) 30" - 100" (16:9)
Customization features Sizes, Tail Length, Tail Width, Tail Position, Active Area, Cut Size
Fixing Options Removable and Permanent options available
Position Accuracy Approximately 3mm absolute, 1mm relative, No Drift
Alignment Software drivers provide a calibration facility
Number of Electrode 64 way
Sensitivity Can be programmed for different thickness of glass and even use with
gloved hands. Standard configuration functions with non-metallic single
construction glass 25mm thick inclusive of glass and air gap. Sensitivity
through Double Glazing also possible
Scan frequency 30Hz
Output USB 2.0, Male A to Male Mini B
Driver Compatibility Windows2000, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 (32 Bit / 64 Bit)
MAC OS X Lion Linux(Ubuntu) Android (4.0↑, Depends on customization)
Touch Function mouse function and multi-touch 2 points(support TUIO & Windows Native)
Temperature Range Better than -20°C to +80°C
Humidity Control 0%-95%. Unaffected by condensation
Light Transmission Typically better than 93%
EMC EN 61000-6-1:2007, EN 61000-6-3:2007+A1:2011
Power Maximum 0.5w

32 Inch Touch Screen Film Overlay , Transparent Capacitive Touch Screen Film 1

32 Inch Touch Screen Film Overlay , Transparent Capacitive Touch Screen Film 2

32 Inch Touch Screen Film Overlay , Transparent Capacitive Touch Screen Film 3

32 Inch Touch Screen Film Overlay , Transparent Capacitive Touch Screen Film 4


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